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High Speed DSL

DSL is much faster than even the best modem connection. Web pages and downloads are significantly faster with High Speed DSL.

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Today's Busy

Whether you just want your email, or you need high speed connections, Dependanet has the solution for you. 

About Your Bill:  Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a debit/credit card to open an account?
No. Only if you want to activate your account immediately. We accept payment by check or money order and your account will be activated once we receive your payment and you will be notified by email.
What are my payment options?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, Personal/Business Check and/or Money Orders.
Where do I send my payments?
Make payments out to Dependanet and mail to the address below:

1641 W. Voltaire Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85029

Can I pay online with a debit/credit card?
You can make payments online via our secure connection (https://). Click on the Make A Payment link located at the top of our website on any page.
When do you bill my Debit/Credit Card?
Your debit/credit card will be billed on the 12th of each month unless our billing department is closed that day. If closed, we will bill your card on the next business day.
Can I open an account using a debit/credit card, but choose to mail-in my future payments?
Yes. If you sign up online, just be sure to indicate to us that you only want us to bill your card to open the account and want to mail-in future payments. Or, call Customer Service at 888.324.4222 or 602.234.6960 to change your payment options.
Can you deduct my payments directly from my checking account?
No. We do not withdraw payments directly from your checking account.  If you want to pay automatically and directly from your checking account, you should be able to set this up with your banking institution. Most banks offer this service to their customers.
About your invoices
All invoices are sent via electronic mail (email) and sent to the email address you specified when opening your account. Please be sure that we have the correct e-mail address on file.
Where do I find my customer login (account ID)?
Your Customer Login (account ID) is located in the upper left portion on your invoice. You will need to provide this when calling Customer Service or include when sending email to our office.
I never get an invoice.  I only get a late notice,  or my credit card was declined notice, why?
Check your Spam folders. Your mail program/anti-virus software might be interrupting our invoices as Spam.  We email invoices to our customers to help keep costs down. Please call us at 888.324.4222 or 602.234.6960 and make sure your email address is correct on your file.
When is my payment due?
Invoices are sent out on the 12th of each month covering the upcoming months service. Example: Your August 12th invoice is for September service. Mail-in payments are due by the 28th of the month.

Late Fee's
If we do not receive your payment on or before the 1st of the month, your account will be suspended and a $10 late fee will be added to your balance. The balance including late fee must be paid prior to turning your service back on.

What if my payment is going to be late?
We know from time to time, situations arise and/or things just happen. Simply contact our office if you know your payment is going to be late to avoid interruption in service and late fee's.
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