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High Speed DSL

DSL is much faster than even the best modem connection. Web pages and downloads are significantly faster with High Speed DSL.

Home & Office
Solutions for
Today's Busy

Whether you just want your email, or you need high speed connections, Dependanet has the solution for you. 

Do you provide a POP3 mail server?

What is my POP3 mail server name? (incoming mail server)
If your email address is @dependanet.com

If your email address is @phxhost.com

What is my SMTP ? (outgoing mail server)
Same as incoming mail server. See above.

Can I change my email password?
Yes. Login to your email account via our website to do so.

Do you block SPAM?
We do use Spam filtering, but no system is 100% effective.

Do you provide Virus Protection?
Yes. But we recommend that you use anti-virus programs such as PCcillin (our choice) or one of the other programs available. You can never have enough virus protection. In just 30 days, our server blocked 23,149 incoming viruses.

Can I access my mail from the Internet?
Yes.  You can check your mail from any computer with internet access via our website.

Regarding Customers that use our service to SPAM
Simply put - "We shoot first and ask questions later."  We do not allow anyone to use our servers for the purpose of "spamming".  If caught (and you will be caught), your account will be deactivated immediately. 

Is there a limit to how many e-mails I can send at once?
No. Dependanet does not limit customers on how many e-mail addresses you CC or BCC. However, bare in mind, some services such as AOL will block your email if they determine it to be a source of spam.

How do I add another e-mail address or change my current e-mail information?
Call Customer Service or e-mail us.

Which e-mail program should I use?
The choice is yours. Below are the more popular mail client programs used.

Microsoft Outlook
E-mail and scheduling client made by Microsoft and generally recommended for the advanced e-mail users. This mail program is generally included with Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

Microsoft Outlook Express
A user-friendly smaller version Outlook that is designed for the average user and uses less resources on your computer. This mail program is generally included with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Our #1 Choice.

Netscape Mail
This program is generally included with the Netscape browser.

This mail program written by Qualcomm has been around for a long time. It's somewhat complex and not recommended for beginners.

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