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High Speed DSL

DSL is much faster than even the best modem connection. Web pages and downloads are significantly faster with High Speed DSL.

Home & Office
Solutions for
Today's Busy

Whether you just want your email, or you need high speed connections, Dependanet has the solution for you. 


Extremely powerful php shopping cart and website builder application.

Completely Customizable!


Phoenix DSL prices starting at $12.95/month

Are you tired of slow connection speeds and tying up your phone line?

DSL is an always on connection that provides users with a fast, reliable and secure way to surf the web. With the click of a button you'll be online surfing and downloading at speeds 200 times faster (or more) than with dial up. Also, unlike a Cable connection which you share with your neighbors, DSL is all yours, making it the safest and most secure high-speed connection available!

Plus, our DSL service gives our customers more control providing Static IP's, open ports, and the ability to run custom applications. Accounts start as low as $12.95/month (not including Qwest telephone charges).

Dependanet/FASTQ DSL includes:

  • The Highest bandwidth to user ratio of any DSL service provider in Arizona!
  • Up to 5 e-mail addresses.
  • The ability to run your own e-mail and web server with Static IP addresses.
  • 10mb of disk space for your own personal web pages.
  • Unlimited hours on-line.
  • Free Technical Support
    DSL tech support hours limited to:
    Mon - Fri / 10am - 6pm
    Saturdays / 11am - 4pm
    Sundays / Closed

There are 2 companies involved in providing your DSL service:

Part 1:   ISP (Dependanet)
Controls the connection and routes you to the internet. Responsible for your email and most of your support. Billed separately from Qwest.

Part 2:   Line and Circuit Provider (Qwest)
Adds the service to your phone line, connects your physical line to your house and provisions your speed. Billed on your current Qwest phone bill and does not include the ISP (Dependanet) charge.

Qwest DSL Circuit + Dependanet ISP Access Pricing

Prices shown below include the Qwest DSL line charge and Dependanet ISP charge for the variable line speeds. Your telephone line may not qualify for all speeds.



Total Cost

Line Speed (bandwidth)




Qwest Choice DSL 256 (Basic)
(256K download/256K upload)




Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe
(up to 1.5M download/up to 1.0M upload)




Qwest Choice DSL Premier
(up to 5.0M download/up to 986K upload)




*Qwest Circuit (DSL Line) charge not guaranteed by Dependanet.

Need 1 or more Static IP's?
# of IP Monthly Charge Setup Charge
1 Static IP $4.95 FREE
8 Static IP's
(5 usable)
$9.95 $25.00
16 Static IP's
(13 usable)
$24.95 $50.00
32 Static IP's
(29 usable)
Call for Current Pricing
64 Static IP's
(61 usable)
Call for Current Pricing
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