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High Speed DSL

DSL is much faster than even the best modem connection. Web pages and downloads are significantly faster with High Speed DSL.

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Solutions for
Today's Busy

Whether you just want your email, or you need high speed connections, Dependanet has the solution for you. 

Windows Vista Dial-up Setup

Setting Up Your Connection

  1. Click on the [Start] button.
  2. Select [Connect To].
  3. In this window, select the option [Set up a connection or network].
  4. In this window, select the option [Set up a dial-up connection] and click "next".
  5. In this window, you need to enter your connection information.
    a) Type in your local access number in the field labeled "Dial-up phone number." If you didn't already write down the number, you can find your local access number by clicking on your state in the Dialup section (US, Canada, Puerto Rico) in the navigation bar on left.

    NOTICE: Dependanet is not responsible for call charges associated with your use of our service. Please verify the local access number you have selected in relation to your dialing area. City names and area codes are not necessarily complete indicators of the locality (toll free access) to your calling area. In some areas, local calls are metered by your local phone company. If you're not sure, and for ease of mind, please contact your local telephone company to make sure.

    b) Type in your Dependanet user name in the box labeled "User name". Example: myuserid@dependanet.com. This would have been provided to you in your account confirmation email from our office.
    c) Type in your Password in the box labeled "Password."
    d) In the box labeled "Connection name:", type in Dependanet.
    e) The rest of the options (check boxes) are optional and your choice. Once you have entered all that information, select the "Connect" button.

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