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High Speed DSL

DSL is much faster than even the best modem connection. Web pages and downloads are significantly faster with High Speed DSL.

Home & Office
Solutions for
Today's Busy

Whether you just want your email, or you need high speed connections, Dependanet has the solution for you. 

Windows 95/98 Setup

On your desktop (the first screen that appears when you turn on the computer):

Double click on My Computer
(or right click and choose open)

Now double click on Dial-Up Networking
(or right click and choose open)

Now double click on Make New Connection
(or right click and choose open)

Now type in the name, preferably Dependanet for this connection. In the "Select a modem" field, the default modem for your computer should automatically be listed. Click Next.

Type in the local Dependanet phone number that you found on our list and then click "Next".

In the next window, click "Finish".


You should now see the new "icon" you just created.

Right mouse click on the new connection and click on properties.


Make sure the "use country and area code" box is unchecked.

Click on the "Server Types" tab and make it look like this by selecting and deselecting the necessary boxes.

Now click OK.

To connect, double-click on the new icon and your "Connect to" box will appear. Enter the username you were given and your password and click "connect" or "dial".

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